At first glance, it is easy to win from a bookmaker – you need to correctly predict the outcome of the match and bet on it. Then wait for the bet to win back, and you will become a successful bettor. The reality looks more pessimistic-newcomers in a hurry to earn trust information from unreliable sources, make mistakes and lose.

An example of a strategy of Delamber at a bet of 100₹
An example of a strategy of Delamber at a bet of 100₹

According to statistics, only 9% of players earn on bets, and the rest of them simply «merge». The betting business is based on such unsuccessful players, allowing experienced participants to win real money. No one can give a hundred percent guarantee of how to beat a bookmaker, but a few useful tips should be remembered:

  • You need to start a bettor’s career with your own capital, the higher the amount, the better. To win you have to lose first;
  • Make 150-200 small bets, spending no more than 5% of the total capital on them. This will allow you to gain experience and understand the game system;
  • You must maintain your own statistics for all bets placed. In the future, data analysis will help you protect yourself from losses and understand which positions are profitable to bet on;
  • Carefully read the rules of the bookmaker. In case of disputes with the bookmaker ignorance of the rules will make Your position initially losing;
  • Omens and premonitions are just emotions, don’t let them control you. Use analytics and dry calculation;
  • Bookmakers’ promotions and bonuses increase your chance of winning, but study the rules of giving so as not to get into an awkward situation later.
Example of a Danish strategy at a bet of 100₹
Example of a Danish strategy at a bet of 100₹

With modern methods of protection against cyber attacks, it is almost impossible to cheat or hack the system. The bookmaker will freeze or block your account if it is suspected of hacking, which will lead to the loss of money on the account of your personal account.

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